Using technology, Globo Import offers integrated management of all foreign trade processes.


Access reports to ensure everything is aligned to plan.


Visualize your process in real time, monitoring the arrival forecasts of all your shipments and much more.

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Globo Import uses a robust ERP, with very well-structured control and which provides intelligent management 100% in the cloud, ensuring agility and security in our customers' processes.

  • Real-time control of boarding, disembarking, customs clearance and delivery
  • Access to processes, modes, Invoice and Bill of Lading details, DI details, billing NF value, status
  • Dashboard of main process statistical data
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We also offer our customers the best Foreign Trade process management system on the market.
We provide real-time status of processes on the World Map, with an integrated overview of dispatch, logistics in air, sea and road modes, including ETD, ETA, documents, reports, KPIs, among other features.

  • During international logistics, they visualize the positioning of the cargo by geolocation on the World Map, air or sea
  • After the presence of cargo for customs clearance, they access the flow of each stage of the process
  • Post-dispatch, they analyze KPIs and comprehensive reports.

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